Flexible Dry Van options

One of our greatest advantages as a company is that we have structured our organization to operate with the strength, capacity, and power of a large corporation, yet still maintain the understanding and control of a hometown carrier.

It’s All About Flexibility:
  • Capacity: Whatever your needs are, Knight can accommodate them; and we’re growing larger every day.
  • National network: Our 30 service centers provide convenience and security for both our Driving Associates and their freight.
  • Local understanding: Because we’re out in the field, we understand the needs of our customers on a handshake level; allowing us to communicate better with our customers.

Having the duality of a large corporate entity coupled with the expertise of a local business allows us to give you personalized service at maximum capability. That’s what makes us your “Hometown National Carrier”. Having the strength and capacity of a large national truckload provider, coupled with the attention to detail that comes with our local offices, allows us to give you superior service at maximum capacity.

Knight Dry Van

Knight’s Capacity + Knight’s National Network + Knight’s Local Understanding = Flexibility

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