Going green

Reduced Greenhouse Gas
The most effective tool we have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to decrease fuel consumption. Knight has been an industry leader in managing fuel consumption and implementing fuel saving technologies. These efforts are not limited to just one strategy, but employ a comprehensive approach which includes: state of the art tractor aerodynamics, reduced road speeds, reduced tractor-trailer gaps, reduced equipment weight, optimized engine technology, low rolling resistance tires, idle reduction technology, and the use of maximum cube trailers for efficient ton-mile transportation.

Knight has also been the industry leader in the use of greenhouse gas-cutting aerodynamic TrailerBlades. These aerodynamic panels attached to the side of our trailer fleet have been instrumental in our continued fuel consumption improvement efforts.

Green Facilities
Knight Transportation’s environmental efforts are not just limited to our tractors and trailers. Our facilities are an important component in our comprehensive approach to environmental stewardship. Our facilities highlight our commitment and include: recycled carpets, motion detection light switches, low energy lighting, highly efficient cold water loop air conditioning systems, and recycling programs.

One of the more noticeable projects is a 200,000 watt solar farm at our Phoenix Arizona headquarters. Located in the Valley of the Sun, this solar farm produces over 350,000 kW hours annually, reducing greenhouse gas and taking advantage of this abundant and renewable energy source.

Strehl Trailer Blades

1,100 solar panels
line our parking facility

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